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I stood within the valley,
The mountains kissed the sky,
And with a trembling youthful voice,
I released a mournful cry,
I yelled, 'You're not being fair'
Then this is what I heard,
A voice that echoed back to me,
Each and every word.

Again I spoke with angry tone,
'You mock the words I say',
The voice returned the things I said,
With tone of sheer dismay.
'Who is it that you think you are?'
I screamed into the sun,
The voice reverberated back,
Each word, one by one.

With frustration quickly growing,
I stomped my feet in vain,
'I'm lonely here without you',
'I'm tired of all this pain',
The voice it merely mirrored,
The words in which I said,
Then echoed even deeper,
Somewhere inside my head.

I threw myself upon the ground,
And kicked my angry feet,
'Why can't you just be here with me'
'So I can feel complete',
Again the voice it bellowed,
Left ringing in my ears,
Identical feelings returned to me,
That caused these ravaged tears.

Then something moved inside me,
A voice from deep within,
That told me what I need to do,
To be with you again.
I stood upon my battered feet,
My arms held to the sky,
And screamed 'YOU are the one I love,
Then received the same reply!

It's then the voice began to speak,
While I listened very close,
And said, within these echoes,
Are the words you need the most.
Your life is a reflection of,
Your actions, thoughts and deeds,
If you want this ultimate love,
That heals a heart that bleeds,

Then come to me in silence,
Through the caverns of your heart,
Love me with your very soul,
Let me become a part,
Of everything you do and say,
While in the place you now reside,
Hold our love most sacred,
And I'll dry the tears you've cried.

Poem by: Michelle Krysalis Bartley


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