I've often think of the question you've asked.
Why do I love you? here goes my sweetheart.
It's the beauty of your smile, it's everything that you do.
For I see happiness when I look at you.

The way you dance, your silly wink,
The way you laugh, or simply how you blink.
The love I feel when you hold me tight.
A love to keep me warm through the coldest of nights.

How you make me feel, how you open up my heart.
All the hopes that you bring right from the start.
How your tender kisses can put me in a daze.
I love you baby in each and every way.

How you lift me up, how you gave me flight,
Forever is what I see when I look into your eyes.
My heart beats to a new rhythm, a rhythm of love.
All because of you my angel sent from above.

You're my ray of light on those dark, gloomy days.
You are the answer to all of my prayers.
I can continue with my reasons, my list is endless.
For I love you more and more as each day progresses.
So why do I love you? let me tell you why..
Because you're my hopes, my dreams, my love my life.

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